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Keep your child’s safe by analyze all the digital world 
Best Monitoring and analyze program to protect your kids



View all chats sent and received texts and media with Kid Policy app. Ensure that your kid is not talking to cyberbullies, online predators or any strangers online.



Instantly see their current location even when regular GPS is unavailable.You’l also be able to check their location history or set a virtual barrier that will alert you if your child has left their safe-zone or has entered a danger-zone.


Get access to all incoming and outgoing emails and to calendar event details.You can also flag specific contacts and get real-time alerts if they contact your child.

Monitor Photos and other media

Sharing photos is fun and entertaining activity for teens, but at the same time, it has tremendous potential for abuse. With mSpy you can protect your kids from the dangers of sexting and cyberbullying.

About Kid Policy Application

Kid Policy consists of sophisticated, discreet & proven Mobile Phone Applications compatible with most of today’s modern smart phone devices. Kidguard is capable of obtaining nearly every mobile phone activity and reporting it silently & remotely to a secure & easy to use remote web panel. 
Universal Web Panel | . All applications report to the same panel, including our upcoming PC & Mac tracking kid’s products. 

Key Features Include: 
* Create a full activity log over time 
* You can have activity reports sent over by email 
* Logging and presenting daily locations over a map with time stamps 
* Full listing of chats and file saving (even if deleted from mobile) 
* Saving of all file downloaded and sent from mobile 
(even if deleted from mobile) 
* Full documentation of messages like shaming etc. 
* Optional deleting or blocking use of programs on mobile 
* Saving 500MB of logs per user (kid) 

Get 2 days Free trial

You’re a few steps away from getting the peace of mind that comes from protecting your kid’s online life. Please enjoy your 2 day free trial period after which you can continue to purchase or remove the app. Kid Policy is not currently available to download on App Store or Google Play due to the extensive monitoring features we offer which they do not support.


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